Window World

This couple in the Ridgewood neighborhood thought it was beyond time to replace the period windows that encased the exterior of their 1950s split-level. We thought so too. A few had been replaced over the years but the whole setup was out of date, not energy efficient — and, not being tempered glass — kinda’ dangerous!

Although they’d originally been designed to open with a “crank arm,” that function had ceased to work long ago. As that type would be hard to replace a group decision was made to just keep it simple, and put in replacement windows of the same size, but more modern, substantially thicker and more energy efficient.

But here’s the deal…

You can’t just take ‘em all out and slap in new ones without getting the EXACT measurements. (If you’re spending several thousand dollars on CUSTOM-SIZED windows and another two thousand on installation, you want to make sure it’s a perfect fit!)

So we informed the client that we’d have to take out all the windows, in order to get exact frame measurements…and then they’d have to live with plywood covering the windows for about 2 weeks. They understood and were cool with that.

After covering up the windows with plywood we ordered up the 10 windows (5 larger — top, and 5 smaller — bottom) from our favorite local glass vendor. They’d be delivered a few weeks later.

A few weeks later the glass arrived and we started the install process. (Which turned out to be a minor pain in the ass, because we had to constantly work around and underneath siding and painting crews…despite the fact that we’d stressed to the client that all of that should be performed after our windows were put in….(*sigh*)

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details but will instead just show the “AFTER.”

BIG IMPROVEMENT. Big energy savings with the thicker, modern windows. Safer too, as all are tempered and won ‘t break into large spears of death if something hits the windows. The clients are very happy with the windows and our work.

All in all a pretty good project. Just remember, if you want to do this for your house be prepared to live with the temporary plywood coverings for a few weeks, while the custom windows are on order. And be prepared to spend a healthy sum on custom windows…you can’t just go pick ‘em up off the shelf at the big box store.