Whole Lotta’…Windows!

Like 20 of them…

This was a fun project actually. A really nice couple in Briar Creek contacted us to install window casings on all of their interior windows. They’d moved into their townhouse recently, and really loved it, but were put off by the utter lack of any kind of window casings. There were a lot of windows to trim out, but we love running trim and doing finish carpentry, so it was right down our alley!

Here’s the “BEFORE.” (They pretty much all looked bare, in every room.)

So, we got the deposit and ordered up a slew of window casing that matched the existing trim of their house, then went to work!

(I honestly didn’t get a lot of pictures. The angles and light just made it a little hard to convey. And it would’ve been a little monotonous. But I think you get the point.)

The blinds are also going the way of the dinosaurs, and will be replaced with drapes/curtains. (We just put them back on so they’d have privacy until they got new window treatments.)

The clients LOVE the new look. They couldn’t wait to have them painted and treated with new curtains. And we really enjoyed working with them. Super nice retired couple. They were really happy with our work and we’d work with them again in a heartbeat. Cool project.