Wall Build Deja Vu’

Project Type: Remove French doors and replace opening with drywall; install new baseboards and shoe moulding

Project Cost: $3,414

This was a job for some of our favorite repeat clients in the Five Points neighborhood. And I say deja vu’ because this was a very similar job to one we’d done just a few weeks prior. Except for this job, we’d remove a French door unit and enclose with drywall (rather than installing a French door unit and enclosing the surround with drywall). It was, in effect, a reverse of the prior job.

On the first day we took out the French door unit, framed up the opening, installed wall insulation, installed the drywall and then put on the first coat of the compound ”mudding” solution, to dry overnight. Ceiling fans were left on to quicken the drying time.

(It should be noted that the clients—upon our suggestion—made sure to cover with plastic everything that they did not want covered in drywall dust. Even though we are meticulous about sweeping and vacuuming up as much drywall dust as possible, the stuff gets everywhere…it’s nearly impossible to get it all up, hence covering up furniture and bedding with plastic. The clients were also out of town for most of the job, leaving us a key to come and go as needed.)

The following three days were doing the drywall dance routine: Apply compound to the drywall, wait for it to dry—about an hour with the ”quick drying” compound—then sanding smooth before applying more mud; wait to dry; sand again. (It’s the only way to get really smooth transitions between the existing wall and new drywall. A tedious process but totally necessary.)

In the final two hours of the job, on the fourth day, we installed the new baseboards and shoe moulding, both in the bedroom as well as the other room that was now closed off. We then contacted our usual demo-hauling vendor, to schedule a next day pick up of the removed French doors, scrap lumber and scrap drywall. The clients would be painting the new walls and baseboard themselves (we don’t paint), and staining the shoe moulding.

And there you have it! Now, these clients can have out-of-town guests stay in the other bedroom, with both rooms closed off for more soundproofing and privacy. They were very happy with the job, as they were with our previous jobs for them, and promised to call us again for any future carpentry needs. We’re glad for and enjoy doing business with them.