Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“I wholeheartedly recommend Old Raleigh Carpentry for your carpentry needs — they have successfully completed two projects for me this summer (bedroom closet and front porch gate), and I have been 100% pleased with the results. Derek & Robert are skilled, professional, and very easy to work with. I look forward to doing business with Old Raleigh Carpentry in the near future, and please feel free to contact me via Nextdoor if you would like photos of the projects they have completed for me.”
-Nick S.
University Park

“Without hesitation, I recommend these expert carpenters! Robert and Derek’s work ethic is admirable. They installed crown molding in my townhome using a coping technique rarely seen these days.”
-Marcia E.
Renaissance Park

“I highly recommend Old Raleigh Carpentry and will use them again. I had several minor carpentry repairs (fixing an offset front door, securing shelves in a glass front cabinet, replacing rotten porch wood, etc.) They came prepared and got the job done in the time and price quoted. They are very friendly and are people who you feel comfortable having in and around your home. They do quality work and will not jerry rig a solution.”
-Catherine C.
Sunset Hills

“I want to express our satisfaction for the recent home repairs by done Old Raleigh Carpentry. Derek and Robert carried out multiple projects professionally in a timely manner with attention to the bottom line. And they listened to our requests, offering practical construction guidance. The results were fantastic and we would highly recommend ORC to others. ”
-Scott & Michelle B.
Wake Forest

“We have recently used Old Raleigh Carpentry for two outdoor projects around our house and have been very pleased with their work and the way they go about getting it done. They are honest as they can be, and try very hard to do the job just the way you want it to be done. We will certainly call on Derek and Robert for the next job.”
-Harold H.
Coley Forest

“The guys at Old Raleigh Carpentry were great to work with. They provided a fair estimate and worked hard to keep their project within budget. They also were great at providing updates throughout the process. We will definitely be calling them for our next project.”
-Frank M.

“I wanted to recommend Old Raleigh Carpentry to the group (I found them on Nextdoor). We needed to have a pane of glass replaced in our 90 year french doors. We did not want the door damaged, so I have procrastinated on getting the glass replaced. Robert and Derek came this morning and did a fantastic job replacing the pane with no damage to the door. (When they came to give an estimate, they looked at the broken pane and determined it had been replaced before. I did not see a need to to do old glass since the location of the pane means it may be broken again.) Quality work. Always great to find someone who knows old houses. Kudos to Robert and Derek!”
-Melissa M.
Hayes Barton

“You will not find a more straight-up and trustworthy guy than Derek DeBank. Derek has some great ideas as well. He was a joy to have inside my house.”
-Paula C.

“If you are considering a deck, I highly recommend Old Raleigh Carpentry. They installed a composite that requires no staining and easy to clean, for the same labor costs as wood.”
-Janis R.
Five Points/Oxford Park

“Prompt, courteous and competitively priced…”
-Debbie D.

“Thank you so much for rebuilding our front porch columns. Although it started out purely as a “replace the wood rotted column” project, the finished project has enhanced the curb appeal of our house ten-fold. We are extremely happy with the results. You are truly gifted craftsmen!”
-Jane & Chris C.
University Park

“Neighbors, I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but our little home at the corner of Sasser and Watauga, 700 Sasser Street, recently underwent a pretty drastic upgrade. The gentlemen from Old Raleigh Carpentry came every day, on time, for about a month and a half (minus days the weather prevented them from working). They listened to NPR while they worked. They took pride in their work, and they really took extra steps to make sure that when they walked away the work was something they could be proud of.
They do work in the neighborhood, not just siding, but all kinds of contracting work. They build sheds, fix windows, install doors, etc. But because they do a lot of work here locally, they’re not fly by night, here today and gone tomorrow types. Their reputation is important to them, and it shows in their work. Word of mouth is also important to them, so I’m helping with this post. I highly recommend getting in touch with Derek if you have a need, and he’ll let you know if he can meet your needs.”
-Mike & Stacy S.

“Derek and Robert just finished up some custom bookshelves for us and we couldn’t be happier! They are even making a customized shelf to hold our record player. Very responsive and always do what they say they will. We are definitely using them again for future projects!”
-Jessica K.

“From the start, they were responsive and prompt when coming out to give us a quote. The quality of their work was exceptional and they were extremely professional – a real pleasure to work with. We are already looking forward to working with them again soon.”
-Chris B.

“I called these guys to fix some wood rot on my deck based on the feedback here [on Nextdoor]. Agree with the others…they did great work, and the fee was very reasonable.”
-Robert S.
Rosengarten Park/Boylan Heights

“I agree! Old Raleigh Carpentry does great work!”
-Patty C.
Hayes Barton

“They put a door sweep on my back door and even though it was a small job they were willing to do it!……I’m about to call them again to fix an issue we’re having with our built in book shelves. They do great work! Highly recommend!”
-Sissy K.
Five Points

“Old Raleigh Carpentry does a great job, too. I’ve been really pleased with their work in/on my house.”
-Nick S.
University Park