Stairway to…the kitchen!

Another client in Quail Meadows was in desperate need of a set of stairs leading from the kitchen down to their laundry room. They’d torn out an old, rotting back deck, in order to make way for a new patio. But demolishing the old deck took out their access to the patio and the rooms below.

Here’s how it looked BEFORE:

We all decided that a stairway straight down would be FAR too steep, with no room for a proper landing. Instead, we would build a landing and jog the stairway in the direction of the backyard. So, with plans set and the deposit check secured we went to work on what would essentially be a small deck/stairs combo.

(There were some deep holes to dig for the 6×6 posts, so we budgeted for outside help — a friend who dug the deep holes, to code.)

(JUST FYI — if we do a deck or similar project for you, expect us to add in a fee for outside assistance with this hot, sweaty, backbreaking work…)

The landing had to be absolutely secure, so we drilled five holes in the frame and carriage-bolted it to the house, tightening the bolts on the opposite side (part of the crawlspace).

With the landing secure and all of the posts set with @ 8 bags of concrete each, we moved on to the stringers and steps, as well as removing the old, rickety storm door, and replacing the whole unit with a new “15 Light/Pane” door (a second part of the project).

We went for a simple, picket-free railing system, which the clients really liked, and built a smaller railing run next to the house (a safer option, as they have young children).

So there you have it. They now have an easy access to the downstairs rooms and can actually enjoy their new patio! (They’d even purchased a new patio table and seating, to take advantage of the new setup.)

Now there’s stairs, where there weren’t before. And the clients love the new look and utility of the stairway, as well as the new door (more light in the kitchen)!

Happy Clients; happy Old Raleigh Carpentry!

(This project was done in the middle of August, in probably the rainiest week of the year, so far…lots of mud in the pics, but, unavoidable…)