Robert L. Chew

Master/Lead Carpenter, Estimates, Project Management, Company Finances

Robert has over 30 years of carpentry, construction, and general contracting experience.  After attending Appalachian State University, he returned to Raleigh to work some long tenures with several well-known home construction and commercial development companies. Robert’s reputation precedes him; he is known and respected in the local builder community.  

Besides framing and finishing hundreds of houses, he’s worked on the homes of some of Raleigh’s most prominent citizens.  For example, he was a lead carpenter on the interior and exterior renovation of Tatton Hall, the nearly 100 year-old mansion and landmark on Oberlin Road.  

Robert also has extensive experience managing entire construction crews, and as such, knows from the start what every carpentry job will entail—including every minute detail—all the while keeping a laser focus on the client’s budget.  

From a complete home build to small handyman jobs, Robert Chew can literally do it all.  He’s the lead carpenter for Old Raleigh Carpentry, LLC, handling material and labor estimates, CAD designs (when appropriate), client budgets, project management, and all financial aspects of the company.

Robert grew up in the Kershaw Hills neighborhood of Raleigh and currently resides there.  In his free time, he likes to explore the sciences, discover new Netfilx dramas, and test his “virtual” construction skills with the computer game, Minecraft.  In addition, Robert is quite skilled at making very ornate, multi-layered, exotic wood cutting boards and drink coasters, and will gladly sell these handcrafted products.