Pool Shed Door Unit

Project Type: Replace old pool shed French door unit with a new composite and wood French door unit; fix old gate so it can swing free and install simple locking mechanism

Project Cost: @ $4,500

This was a somewhat routine job for one of our favorite repeat clients in University Park: Replacing the old, ratty pool shed door unit with a new composite and wood French door unit.

There was also an additional aspect of the job: Fixing the side gate, a very heavy beast of a gate door—at least 100 years old and at least 3 inches thick. It involved jacking the door off the huge hinges and shaving a bit off the end that meets the opposite brick post, to provide space for the door to swing freely. We also took off the old hardware and filled in the space with new wood, sanding smooth, as well as drilling a hole in the concrete below (with our Bulldog drill) and installing a long cane bolt, providing a simple and very secure way to lock the gate closed from the inside.

The whole thing is probably best conveyed through pictures. Here’s a few before pics:

Ah, darn…forgot to get a pic of the old doors, but believe me…they…were…ratty…

Here’s the opening. Fortunately, we were able to successfully remove the old door trim and re-use. (Kind of a rarity. Even if very careful, the old door casing, especiall outdoor casing, rarely survives and usually requires new stuff.)

Here’s the new door unit, with the re-used, still surviving trim.

Much nicer!!

Here’s the big heavy beast of a gate, new and improved. (No joke, we had to use a maul axe as a leverage ”pry bar/crowbar” to get this thing off and back on its massive hinges…)

Once finished, her plan was to get her usual painters out, to paint up the shed doors and gate a nice black color.

Cool projects. We install a lot of doors so this one was fairly easy. Note the weatherproofing we applied to the jambs. (Attention to detail!) There was also a decent amount of hardware to replace on both the French doors and the gate, as well as filling in the holes made by the old gate hardware with the fresh treated wood, and sanding it all smooth.

The clients were thrilled and we’ve done several projects for them since, with another coming up in a week or two—replacing an old front storm door with a custom-milled storm door from Stephenson’s Millworks.