Pergola Proper

Our clients in Oxford Park had a pergola attached to the front of their house that needed an overhaul. These types of structures are very decorative, and I like them. My parents have one covered with Queen Anne Roses on the multi-level patio behind their 1931 Spanish Colonial.

But pergolas take a weather beating year round. They’re rot magnets, and this one was no different; over half of the boards exhibited considerable rot. We all decided that a total replacement was in order — an exact replica of the former.

There’s not a whole lot of story here. We got the deposit, ordered up a bunch of treated pine, had it delivered, and spent a few days building a new pergola with an old look, even down the decorative “dolphin nose” ends.


We didn’t really have any problems with the build, other than a time-consuming demo. (Lots of heavy lumber that needed to come down carefully, and in many SawzAll-ed pieces.) And luckily, we were able to use the existing brackets to reattach the pergola boards to the house.

Looks like new!

Bottom line, it looks great! The clients are very happy with it, and will have it painted soon, along with the rest of the house. They plan on having us back for future projects.

Power to the pergola!