New Rails, just Like the Old.

A new client in Five Points had some old porch stair railings that were due for replacement. At first glance they seemed to be in decent shape, looking just fine from the street.

But closer inspection revealed…a LOT of rot.

We decided to split the project up a bit. We’d spend a few hours carefully taking apart the old railings and go on a materials run, then return the next day for the build. We found that the old support posts were actually “snake coffins,” which are 4×4 or 6×6 posts encased in other boards. Since the old 4×4 posts were in good shape — and TapCon’d into place — we’d use and build a new cladding around them. (We did shore up one side with 1 new TapCon, but left it at that. TapCons are made for concrete; not brick…never a great idea to put those fasteners into brick…it could bust up the piece.)

The next day we returned for the build. The client wanted the new rails to resemble the old, to match the rest of the porch rails, so we basically copied the old look, ripping lumber to size to match the former look.

In the end we had a really nice set of new rails! They look like the old ones but these are made with better, pre-treated lumber and will last much longer, especially after the client paints em’ up.

They clients love the new “old” look! We got compliments from all the family members…and the nanny too! They intend to have us back soon for more work around the house. We enjoyed working them them and look forward to it!