Some clients in the Quail Meadows neighborhood had a familiar dilemma:

A window where they really wanted French doors. They had a new back deck but only one way to access it — through the family room door. Taking out the window in the dining room and replacing with a set of French doors would allow convenient access to the deck, as well as bringing more light into the kitchen area.

In addition, they wanted to replace the family room door, which was showing signs of rot and wear.

Here is the area before, with the dining room window:

So, in short, we removed the window and cut out an opening for the French doors. We then waterproofed the opening by applying flashing to all sides.

The doors now fit like a glove, so we shimmed and screwed it all in, and trimmed out the exterior with PVC (quite a bit more expensive than treated lumber, but well worth the cost; it doesn’t rot).

Then we moved on to replacing the other door, which also went relatively easily.

All pretty cut-and-dry stuff. Nothing too exciting, but the clients were more than excited, which made us excited! They now have easy access to the new deck though the kitchen, and the French doors will allow them to open up the area when they’re entertaining guests.

Great clients; great project!