Just a Wall…

Some projects are “nothing fancy” — just necessary. A couple in Mordecai contacted us to replace an interior basement/family room wall that had taken water damage from Hurricane Florence. They’d gotten the flood mitigation work done after the storm, but that process — installing a new drainage system — left the interior wall further damaged, and a total replacement was in order. Additionally, the old wall had NO insulation and the basement got a little chilly during the winter, so they wanted us to install a good, heavy-grade insulation system.

First up, demolishing the old wall, which didn’t take too long, other than having to sawzall some ancient panel board (behind the drywall) in a few spots. After a trip to the builder supply, we started framing up the new curtain wall.

(I forgot to take a “before” pic, so this is halfway through the framing process…)

Like most houses over a century old there were a few spots where the wall mortar had deteriorated, with a few spots of sunlight clearly visible from the inside. So we put a whole tube of squeeze caulking in the gaps, inside and out, and wrapped up some important pipes leading to the upstairs kitchen sink.

With all of the offending gaps filled in we finished framing up the wall and installed the insulation.

Finally, we cut and pieced-in around 4 panels of sheetrock.

Next up was the “mudding and sanding” process. Putting the mud on…leaving and letting it dry overnight…coming back the next day for a half hour to sand down the old mud and reapply more mud. Rinse. Repeat. For a few more days. (It’s the only way to get a smooth wall, ready for paint.)

That’s pretty much it. We installed some finishing trim along the lower sides, just to make it all look pretty.

The clients were very pleased and want us back this spring, to replace the (odd-shaped) basement windows, and build a shelving system for one of the bedrooms. The clients also report that, it’s “much warmer” in the basement, and noticeably warmer throughout the entire house!