A Grand Entrance…

This family in the Brookhaven neighborhood wanted to replace the original front door & sidelights of their 44 year old home.  Since we’d done this type of project dozens of times, we were referred by their interior decorator to complete the task.  The old unit was in decent shape — the former owner was a primary developer of the five decades old neighborhood, and built the house and components to last — but the clients wanted a new, updated look, with contemporary hardware.  In addition, they wanted to replace the old aluminum storm door with a solid wood door.

We met with the clients to go over details, and even accompanied them to Stephenson’s showroom, to provide support with the selection and ordering process.

The doors arrived a few months later (such a large unit required a longer production time) and we went to work.  The old unit took at least an hour to remove…that sucker was IN there (solid initial construction).

With the opening exposed we spent the rest of the day fitting it in, leveling it up, cutting and squaring up the new threshold, and adding the hardware, new doorbell unit and deadbolt lock.  After the outside was completed we went up to Lowe’s to pick up some new interior trim for the doorway, and returned to install said trim and some new doorstops.







(Yes, this process takes a whole day…there’s a lot of labor involved in all of the steps.  Again, you’re fitting a brand new piece into a house that has has settled into the earth over a half century.)

We returned the next day and repeated most of the processes with the new storm door.  Luckily, we didn’t have to plane much off the new door.  I think we shaved 1/8th inch off one side of the door, but otherwise it was a pretty good fit from the get-go.  We also put in some new framing strips to book-end the sidelights. (A little exterior trim was unavoidably damaged during the extraction of the original door unit, so we simply covered up a few small chinks in the old trim with the new trim.  Their painter then caulked and painted the new outside trim.)

The clients love the new look!  They had their painter stain the new doors inside and out with a beautiful dark mahogany color, and paint the sidelights to match the off-white of the house exterior.


The new look is updated, contemporary, and presents a grand entrance to an equally grand home.  The clients were very happy with our work and will be hiring us for future work on this home, as well as their lake property in the NC mountains.