Goodbye Sliding Glass; Hello French Doors!

Sliding glass doors seem to be quickly fading from view these days, becoming passe’ in the world of home design. They don’t age well; the tracks get sticky; the “locks” are crap and quickly become hard to latch. (You wind up using a wooden dowel to secure the doors in place…which becomes a pain when you want to open and close them.) No door is burglar-proof, but sliding glass doors are low on the security scale.

A good set of French doors is infinitely safer and more secure. Our new clients in the Quail Meadows neighborhood of North Raleigh felt the same way, and wanted to replace the old sliding doors with a solid set of French doors.

It’s a pretty cut & dry project, and since we’ve installed a ton of doors we know how to do this by rote…I think we could do it in our sleep. We got a deposit for the doors and materials, ordered them up, and when they were delivered two weeks later, we returned for the work.

First up, removing the old sliding glass doors & frame.

Next up, put em’ in. (Sounds simple, but the process takes a whole day…sometimes longer. There’s a lot of racking in place, leveling up, screwing the frame in, installing hardware (knobs and locks), installing interior and exterior trim, etc.)

With all of that done, we installed the new coded locks —purchased beforehand by the clients — stuffed insulation around the top and sides (saved from the prior frame) and trimmed it all up inside and out.

The after pics:

They love the simplicity of the new doors, as well as the modern-yet-classic look! They want us back for other projects in the future. Bonus!