French Doors Galore!

We’ve installed quite a few interior French doors lately.  It’s good work, especially now that Summer has arrived in full force.

Not a whole lot of details to post — they’re fairly cut and dry projects. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds — you’re putting brand new doors into spaces that have settled with the house.  It is, in a sense, like putting a new puzzle piece into a framework that has shrunk over the years.

You have to oftentimes shave off a bit of a side (or two) of the doors.  And hinges need to be cut and mortised into place, both on the door and the existing jambs, using a router and chisels.  There’s also a lot of this:  shave the door, lightly sand the shaved side, take off the bench, put into place, hinge it in, check the action of the door, then take back to the bench for more adjustments.  And then there are doorstops to install, and hardware, and latches or ball hinges, followed by filling any holes made during the process with wood putty.

(Basically, it takes a whole day to install these babies; it’s not just a three hour deal…)

Anyway, here’s some before and after pics of these projects:


(After!  The client painted it herself…)

Here’s another one…



Again, fairly cut and dry.  If you’d like to have some interior French doors installed, give us a shout.  We’ll come take some measurements, ask your preferences for hardware, order it all for you, and once delivered, we’ll spend a day fitting them in expertly.

Vive’ la France…