Custom Radius Radiance!

This nice, young couple in the Budleigh neighborhood had a music room/office, with no option to close off the room. The dilemma arose with the arched doorway surround, which was trimmed with some very fine, thick (expensive) moulding.

Here’s how it looked BEFORE:

We decided that this particular situation called for a seriously custom order: Hand-Milled Radius French Doors and trim from Stephenson’s Millworks. The order would be far pricier than off-the-shelf doors from most local suppliers, but absolutely necessary for this situation. (We were certain that the whole house was trimmed out with Stephenson’s stuff…)

So we collected the deposit and brought in a Stephenson’s sales rep, who came out the following week, to take measurements for the custom design. We paid for the order and waited…about 2 months. (Custom orders take quite a bit longer; it’s worth the wait!)

Once the doors arrived we went to work, installing the doors and matching custom trim, all made of mahogany.

After the doors and trim were installed we put in the new hardware — crystal and brass functioning doorknobs, ordered by the client during the wait for the doors.

Here’s the AFTER:

(The clients were going to have their painter finish everything up. I’ll post pics of the absolute finished project once I get them.)

The clients LOVE the new doors and said, “y’all are superb!” We thought the new look was pretty classy as well!