*** We’ve temporarily disabled our contact form. Old Raleigh Carpentry is NOT  taking estimate requests at this time, and here’s why…

1.) 3,000 + Americans are dying per day due to Covid. Several of our friends, associates (and even some family members) have caught it. We certainly don’t want to catch it either, and we’re trying our best not to. As such, we don’t feel comfortable estimating, shopping for, or buying your project materials in Covid-infected lumberyards or big box retailers. 

2.) It’s not possible for my business partner and I (who live in separate houses and family bubbles) to drive around or work together every day safely distanced from each other. 

3.) Covid is peaking, and it’s just not safe to be working in or around people’s homes right now — inside or out.  (Despite constant masking, we don’t know if you’ve been exposed to the virus or not… and vise versa.

4.) We won’t be fully comfortable doing “business as usual” until a significant portion of the American population is vaccinated. (Us too!)

5.) We have enough spaced-out, mini projects (estimated before the holidays) to keep us busy through the winter. 

So, we’re being cautious. Hopefully, we’ll be on track this spring. Please favorite or bookmark this page and check back with us in late February/early March. We’re well worth the wait!

(And believe me, your project CAN wait a few more months. Your house will NOT self-destruct or collapse if you can’t get your vanity project done immediately…)

*** The contact form will be inactive from late January 2021 until (at least) late February, and possibly March 2021. 

Thanks, and be safe.