A Paragon Pediment!

Another interesting dilemma, and another custom order, this time for a family in the North Hills area. They had a pediment/door surround that just…didn’t…work. In short, it was way too narrow to be a traditional doorway. It’s hard to explain but the surround stuck out too far, creating the effect of walking into an elevator instead of a home. The old look was also very plain; they wanted more pizzazz. Finally, the old front door had problems — large, spreading cracks — and would need to be replaced, along with the old (aluminum) storm door; to be replaced with a matching mahogany wood storm door.

Here’s the BEFORE:

Here’s the AFTER:

And here’s how we did it…

First off, this was another custom-order situation, again from go-to custom supplier, Stephenson’s Millworks. We secured the necessary deposit and put in the order — a new door and surround, made of premium African mahogany — and again waited a few months for the custom order to arrive.

Once the materials arrived, we removed the old surround and as much of the old caulking as possible.

Once everything was removed and we had a clear canvas we started to install the new door and custom surround/pediment. The whole process took a week.

Almost finished, but the client had ordered custom brass hardware for both the front and storm doors, which we installed once it arrived a few weeks later. (They’d also painted the surround a brilliant white, and the doors a neat purple hue…looks great!)

The finishing touch was some (not cheap at $80 per roll) adhesive copper-based flashing we added to the top of the pediment, to further guard against the elements.

The final result is infinitely better; they now have a doorway that feels like a house entrance, rather than an elevator entrance. All of the custom materials are ultra weather-resistant…and just plain classier.

They’re thrilled with the new look, and have already secured another project with us: Installing new screen doors for the back of the house!