A (New) Room with a View…

Some good friends of mine wanted a storage room within the garage of their Country Club Hills home.  A corner in the expansive car port underneath the house was perfect for a roughly 10 x 15 room addition.  However, their home lies just above the Crabtree Creek Greenway, which is flood plain…and flood prone.  On occasion — after heavy rain, storms or hurricanes — their backyard and garage can take on some water, so the new addition would need to be at least a foot off the ground.

(This was tthe location of the soon-to-be storage room, as we began:)

The clients liked our proposal of a deck-like structure as a foundation for the new room, so we ordered up the necessary treated lumber, treated drywall, and a weather/rot-resistant composite door.

Once it was all delivered we began to build, starting with the foundation, essentially like building a deck outdoors.  (But much easier.  Concrete flooring.  For once, we wouldn’t have to dig holes for the support columns and pour concrete filler…hallelujah!)




Since the “deck” would be on a mostly level concrete floor the job went pretty fast —just a few days.


Over the following week we framed up the room, laid down a simple plywood floor and installed the drywall.  (This was also a relatively easy task — we didn’t need to drywall every side, as only one side needed to be closed off.)







Next up was building a set of steps.  We made the steps pretty wide so they can sit items down while unlocking the door.

Final steps:  installing the the door and hardware, and starting the multi-day-for-one-hour “mudding and sanding” process.  (Apply the mud.  Let it dry overnight.  Return the next day to sand the old mud smooth.  Apply more mud.  Repeat process over the next few days.  Tedious, but the only way to get smooth walls.)

Although it’s typically the painter’s job, we went above and beyond by caulking up a few tiny gaps here and there, and added plastic seam strips to the sides abutting the concrete walls.  This will make an easier and quicker job for their preferred painter.

So here is the 99% finished project.  (They had it painted a few weeks later, so I’ll have to post a pic of the 100% finished once I can get over to snap a few photos.)

It’s nothing fancy but didn’t need to be; it’s just a storage room in a garage.  Its beauty lies in the simple functionality and solid construction.  My friends are stoked with their new garage storage room and put it to use immediately.  Happy friends; happy Old Raleigh Carpentry!